Friday, September 28, 2007

Child Term Life Insurance – It IS Important!

By Elizabeth Newberry

Life insurance, similar to all types of insurance, covers the insured or the family members of the insured in the event of an emergency. With life insurance, that emergency is usually the death of the insured. The grieving period is no time to spend worrying about money and life insurance is the way to alleviate those worries.

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There are two basic kinds of life insurance. The first, and most common, is term life insurance. Simply put, term life insurance insures a person for a certain period of time and builds no cash value. It is the most popular choice because it is usually the least expensive insurance for the particular coverage a person needs. The second, and generally most expensive, is whole life insurance. Whole life insurance insures a person for life and does build cash value. Whole life insurance is a reasonable choice for people with permanent debilitating health conditions, the elderly, or those who can afford it. Although children do not usually fall into any of those categories, they do sometimes qualify for term life insurance.

Child term life insurance will insure a child who is stricken with a health condition. Children can suffer from diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and various types of cancer just as adults can; therefore, purchasing term life insurance is a practical choice for parents or legal guardians of children with these or similar conditions.

Any type of life insurance is purchased so that the surviving family can be spared most or all of the financial burdens during their time of grief. No one wants to spend time trying to figure out how to pay for medical bills or a funeral if they have just lost a loved one. Like all deaths, the death of a child brings emotional sorrows and pain; it does not have to bring extreme financial burden, as well. Look into child term life insurance for peace of mind.

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